[For Chewy8888, when everything appears pointless …]

My nephew Robbie a mature young adult works as a successful Finance-Stock Analyst in a leading company in Europe and conducts seminars and workshops throughout the region.  His Dad is very proud of him and so am I.  I have consulted him many times when writing my articles especially where mismanagement on finances is concerned.

But it wasn’t always like this.  Every story has a beginning and so does this.

At the onset of year 2000, Robbie was slowly working his way through college and a Masters Degree.  He graduated with full honors – Cum Laude.  During this period his Dad was Head Deacon 3 of their locale.  Robbie was very active with church affairs being a guro and interpreter for all lessons taught in the church.  He would  be up in the tribuna together with the presiding minister translating impromptu the lesson in the country’s language.  He also acted as liaison for obtaining permits and licenses from the government, not to mention accompanying and familiarizing the minister and his family with local customs and traditions.

With respect to non church related affairs, he did not find difficulty finding good jobs probably because of his capabilities and educational background.  Companies wrote him for job  proposals.  He seemed satisfied with his present economic standing and wasn’t that interested to look elsewhere.

Until the most respected and world-renowned Trading Company in New York called and offered him to work for them as senior partner.  He was dumbfounded.  He consulted his Dad who advised him to do what he thought was best for him and his future, “Ipag-panata mo,” consoled his Dad.

So Robbie set up a nightly panata asking for guidance in his anticipated new chapter of his life. He wrote back the Company confirming his desire to work for them.  He followed this up and submitted other pertinent documents requested by them.  Robbie was asked to wait for a call for the interview by the Company’s Board of Directors.  Thus, he waited, but after not receiving any word for sometime, he politely returned their call and asked if they were still interested in him.  They said “yes.”  Meanwhile, Robbie never waivered in his  nightly panata.  However when days turned to weeks and to months, he started to doubt humanity and God.  He asked his Dad, “What am I doing wrong, I’ve followed everything to the letter – all my credentials are in order.  I’ve done my share with the Church.  I’ve been dong my panata without let-up.  So why am I still here and not in New York?”  His Dad just sadly answered, “Robbie, I don’t know.”

Reading godRobbie cut short his panata after a few months.  And his zeal for the Church slowly waned.  He was still active in a sense, but his drive was no longer there.  His Dad noticed this but couldn’t do anything nor give any words of comfort without an argument cropping up between them.

Days passed until one night a live newsfeed was coming up on TV.  His Dad called out to his son, “Robbie, come and watch this. Maybe this is God’s answer to your questions.”  On TV were the Twin Towers of New York crumbling down to earth following a horrific terrorist attack.  The date was September 11, 2001.   The Company that Robbie never made it to held office at the Twin Towers in New York.

Let us all learn to read God, huwag tayong magtampo.  In His infinite wisdom, He will always do what is best for us His children.