evolutionSocial media has made available videos of almost  all ministers and officers expelled for allegedly sowing discord inside  the Church.  We have listened to their explanations and reasons that led to the administrations interpretation as paglaban sa Pamamahala.  However, try to grasp intently on what they are saying.  None of them said anything against the Church and its doctrines. All of them had been faithful and loyal servants of the Church for many years.  Some, close acquaintances to the Sugo  and his family.  All of them speaking softly with intervals trying very hard to control their tears.  Not one showed disgust but more of sadness not for themselves but for the Church they cherished, loved and cared for all these years.

Compare it now with the statements of individuals and parties voicing out their sentiments against the government.  It is a far distant cry from our expelled ministers and brethren.  Heated criticisms shouting the resignation of our leaders to the point of uncontrolled despair.  How does our government react?  Arrest them all and charge them with sedition?  Does the government insist that being the elected leaders of the free world, they are immune from scrutiny?

Of course not.  Politicians are a very cunning lot indeed.  Their policy of “No permanent friends or enemies in politics, only permanent interests” apply to them quite well.  They know for a fact that the only thing permanent is the “Office” not the person behind it.  The result is we see friends and foes changing sides as frequent as changing your favorite trousers.

Don’t you ever wonder why come election day, not all running candidates get our endorsements but none of them hold any grudges against us (except of course for those who were wrongly convinced to pay for the endorsements).  Simply because all of them know for a fact that there will always be a next time, it is not permanent.

How about our Church?  What is permanent and will never change?  There are three facts basically permanent with the Church.

  1. The true Church will always be the Iglesia Ni Cristo;
  1. Jesus Christ will remain as Head of the Church; and
  1. Ka Felix Manalo, the last messenger of God.

These are the three facts that will remain absolute over the years.  Personalities will change as God sees fit.  Only the “Office” will remain unchanged.

When you enter into personalities that’s when your focus starts to distort.  That’s when idolatry comes into play.  That’s when God starts to declare, “I am a jealous God, thou shall have no other Gods before me.”  “One with EVM”?  One with Christ or God would have been more appropriate.  I remember quite clearly during the later years of Ka Erdy forbidding the ministry and lay officers from mentioning in particular his name in all church homilies and prayers and instead advised us to use the term “Pamamahala” rather than “Erano Manalo”. His logic – “Pamamahala” pertains not only to a single person but to all officers governing the Church.

So, making fun of all those expelled ministers , officers and their families to the extent of posting caricatures on social media against them do not speak well of the Administration.  I especially find offensive the accusations thrown against the 80 yr. old widow of the late Executive minister and mother to the incumbent Executive Minister by ministers and workers alike.  May kabastusan at walang respeto! But what hurts the most is the callous indifference shown by our dear Executive minister.  Allowing all this to happen before his very eyes.  Diyos-diyusan lang ang may mata pero hindi makakita, may bibig pero hndi makasalita, may kamay pero hindi makakilos. Ka Eduardo, are you now a diyos-diyusan with no sight, voice, or resolve to correct all these flaws in your administration? Bring genuine reconciliation among ALL the brethren, maybe starting with your immediate family?

And to all those boot-licking ministers – didn’t it ever cross your mind that should God merit a change in administration saan pala kayo pupulutin matapos lait-laitin niyo ang pamilya ng Sugo ng Diyos?  Matuto kayo minsan sa mga politiko when they adhere to the principle, “… no permanent friends or enemies, but only permanent interests,” and act accordingly for you and your families’ sake.

Gagawin niyong katatawanan sa pagsamba pa ang saklolong hinihinge ng pamilya.  Pinangunahan pa ng Tagapamahalang Pangkalahatan.  Anong tawag mo diyan? Dynamic Leader? Solidong pananampalataya? One with EVM? Ho-hum … I’d rather watch the new Aldub and Yayadub’s commercial where together with millions of filipinos I am assured of genuine laughter and ease of problems even for a fleeting moment.

History suggests that sole controlled organizations rarely reaches its fourth generation.  It is said, the first generation creates, the second expands, and the third squanders it.  Bullseye.