dominoThree-thirty in the afternoon and rains continue to pound in unison on the dry pavement slowly swelling and racing against the drainage spouts while the leaves and twigs  of the gumamela and mango tree  reach out to quench its thirst as thunder and rains pour relentlessly in a seeming never ending circle …

As you trance along the streets of EDSA and DOJ nothing seems out of the usual – busy people, going about their daily chores, crossing the streets with mobile stuck in their ears, head bobbing in rhyme with their I-pods, or merely munching a sandwich at McDonald’s.  Life as we know it is back to normal or is it?

How do you think the Church is faring after the DOJ fiasco, triumphant?  After managing to convince thousands of innocent brethren to rally against the government putting the lives of the brethren and non-brethren at risk , remember all it needed was one dimwit to light a “super-lolo” in the midst of the crowd to cause a stampede.  You can imagine the chaos it would have brought.  Fortunately, that was one right call of the Church Administration when it decided to end the rally.  It was already in the midst of speakers from the left, from other religions, and political parties  starting to use the church platform in crying out their grievances.  Indeed, it had to stop and they were advised wisely.

My dear Council of Elders, so you’re now back where you started.  The case against you however continues but this time sans the crowd.  What do you propose now?  Another round of EDSA at the Catholic Shrine?  I doubt it.  With the throng of negative feedback coming from our fellow citizens, you wouldn’t dare, or maybe you would.  Marami pa naman susunod sa inyo. Pero dito sa Maynila malabo na makaakit pa kayo ng daang libo.  Kailangan pa kayong humakot mula sa probinsiya.

If you liken me and other individuals with similar thinking as a virus, you’d better be sure to get a really reliable anti-virus to eradicate all of us.  Your problem is that we are free independent thinkers guided by a very simple basic understanding of what is right and wrong, morally correct and just.  If the current Church Administration with its ongoing programs were bundled up in a software app, any dropout with basic cyber background would have no problem annihilating it at a dime’s notice.  What with the core server so predictable, an overall structure so weak, what do you expect?

Our government or any government for that matter will survive no matter how rampant the corruption simply because there will always be taxpayers money to support them.  But in your case, it’s a different story altogether.  Your survival depends on the Church’s voluntary offerings and tithes.  Sadly you have ventured into areas not of your concern.  As my son would ask, “Kailan naging pang-takip sa pangangailangan ng mga banal si Chris Brown or Katy Perry?”  Church funds were diverted and used for business ventures to cover huge deficits caused by unforeseen and mismanaged projects.  Massive bank loans needed payment.  You try your best to clean up the mess and restore faith and confidence in an otherwise near-condemned structure.  Sorry, but you will not recover because all this started when you decided to dip your  hands in God’s offerings.  Nagsimula ka sa mali, matatapos ito ng mali.

A gloomy picture for all of us?  Actually no.  Nakasulat naman maabutan buhay ang Iglesia Ni Cristo sa muling pagdating niya.  But don’t forget lest we be compared to a line from a recent popular movie, “… you’re confusing peace with quiet.” The Church is us – God’s people, Christ’s body.  Not the huge Philippine Arena and its accompanying stadiums and edifices,  nor all of the chapels in the world but us the very people who serve and worship Him.  So what am I saying? I am saying that sooner or later we can expect to see and hear INC properties  sold or forfeited by the banks.  We will definitely be facing a mammoth problem where material INC wealth is concerned.

But like I said, so what?  Nagsimula ang Iglesia mula sa isa, mula sa wala – lumaki at yumaman.  At kung nais ng Diyos na subukan tayo muli, palagay niyo ba susuko tayo.  Titindig uli tayo  mas higit, mas matatag at mas maningning kaysa dati!  Purihin ang Panginoon!