1. What are we doing at DOJ and EDSA?state church separation

To demand recognition by government of “Separation of   Church and State.”

  1. Why, has our freedom to go to church every Thursday and Sunday been prejudiced? Has there been any law or ordinance passed by government restricting our right to do so?

No, we have continuously been granted the freedom to engage in any evangelical mission and worship service to our hearts content whenever and wherever possible.

  1. Why, is there any law enforced, promulgated, or even planned to put at risk our religious freedom?


So, what’s all the fuss about?  The fuss is one man, his wife and kid filed a complaint of illegal detention with the DOJ against certain individuals in the church.

The response of the Church Administration –  Violation, “Separation of Church and State.”

For the sake of argument, if the DOJ represents the State,  my question, does the accused meaning the select few represent the whole Church?  No.

So back to the basic question “Why?”

Why is the whole Church being dragged into a legal proceeding that only necessitates the presence of the complainant and the respondents.  Why not just let the wheels of justice roll to determine which side is telling the truth.

And if  the Church administration thinks the leadership will be faced with a vacuum during the course of the inquiry, no problem,  maraming magagandang lalakweng ministro jan na maaring pumalit habang nililitis ang kaso.

 Sa lahat ng nakikiisang mga kapatid sa malawakan panawagan ng mga Sanggunian at sa mga ministrong sunud-sunuran, mag-isip naman tayo.  Ang katagang  “peaceful “ rally ay isang myth lamang lalot gagawin ito sa lansangan sa gitna ng mga sanglibutan.  Nagkataon pang sinasalinan ng mga pultiko at simbahan. May ginagawa pang mga efigy na susunugin. Kailanman hindi na ito matatawag na isang “peacefull rally.”

violent rallyWhen mass movements become too large and difficult to control and government anticipates a risk to the sovereignty of the state, it will act accordingly.  And accordingly means with force if it necessitates.  People will get hurt, we the brethren will get hurt.

This is no longer a game mga kapatid, this is reality.  What I am implying is not a mere threat or warning.  It is based on twenty years of intelligence work with the government and the private sector.  It can get ugly.  I have witnessed first hand where mass movements are induced to violence to favor certain parties.  Intelligence work is nothing to be proud of – good people have been jailed, even disposed of; marriages and families broken just to meet the needs of the power to be.A Cambodian security guard covered in blood is helped after clashes with demonstrators protesting for Freedom Park to open in Phnom Penh on July 15, 2014. Cambodian police fired tear gas into an opposition rally on July 15, as protesters fought with authorities leaving serveral people seriously injured, rights activists said. Freedom Park has been closed for the last two months as authorities investigate a deadly crackdown on a garment industry strike in January. AFP PHOTO/ TANG CHHIN SOTHY

Let us all be just law-abiding citizens.  Worship God and Christ in the sanctity of our chapels and home.  Let us not be swayed by emotions and twisted biblical passages. And let us not just rush into actions which we may regret later on.

Let us all learn to ask “WHY?”