5911182“Followers are ferried in  shuttle buses to the church, handed slips inviting them to make payments, and are even told obeying the ministry’s teachings …”

“Congregants are handed a payment slip requesting payments using cheque, cash …”

“The registered charity has spent 6.81 million on evangelism and ‘praise, worship and fellowship.”

“Among … fleet of aircraft are said to be 4 private jets. Bishop+Davidbw12019

It is also claimed he and his wife travel in expensive … flanked by convoys of vehicles. He is the senior pastor …, a 50,000-seat auditorium reputed to be the largest in the world, and runs a publishing company that distributes books carrying his message across the world.”

auditorium“His other business interests span manufacturing, a university, restaurants, … and real estate.”

“What these “pastorpreneurs”  found was that people would still attend church in a post-Christian culture if it appealed to their felt-needs. Rather than viewing the church as simply a means to an end (connecting people with God), they made the church an end in itself. The logic was simple: if the masses did not feel the need to connect with God then perhaps another “felt need” could draw them into the church: the need for community, or entertainment, help with their kids or marriage. While they consumed the upbeat music, support groups, dramas, and therapeutic sermons they will hopefully find God too.”

 “The single most disconcerting problem with the church is not its extreme authoritarianism, unsurpassed among modern religious cultures; or any of its unscriptural traditions, particularly those that defy its own professed canon.

The problem with the church is not its refusal to allow valid, informed criticism from within its ranks that might embarrass church leaders or expose the church’s errors or weaknesses — an almost paranoid obstacle to introspection that has no doctrinal grounds, and serves ultimately to insulate church leaders from any accountability to the membership, making the church an obvious tyranny.

… in the modern world, it sees itself as both a powerful public relations firm on the one hand, and a political lobby on the other (as only the ill-informed misperceive) — intent on attaining far-reaching influence by whatever means, the most blatant being the presidential candidacy … 

The problem with the church is that it has done these sorts of things while professing to be “the only true and living church of God upon the face of whole the earth, with which…the Lord [is] well pleased.” (See D&C 1:30.)”

tip of iceberg“The church needs to open itself up to objective examination by all interested persons, media, agencies of government, law enforcement, other churches and institutions, and similar entities, in the interest of establishing the truth — so there can be no question about the nature and legitimacy of the church in the face of suspicions that it is indeed lawless and disrespectful of … principle (as I and numerous others can attest), in ways that contradict its professed mission.”


If you have reached this far my friends and dear brethren,  the topics you’ve been reading is not about our Church.  These are insights from their own –  Living Faith World Outreach Ministry more popularly known as the Winners’s Church founded by the World’s richest pastor David Oyedepo,  the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or Mormons, and With God Daily Devotional.  The surrounding circumstances mentioned however, you may have noticed  are very similar if not identical in many aspects.

While at it, I suggest you also read this link on the “toys” of the richest pastors in the world.


[My wife a fine sixty-five year old lady has been crying a lot these days.  She pities the expelled ministers and brethren but mostly she cries for the family of Ka Erdy – Ka Tenny in particular, whom she relates with also being a mother to her own children. But at times her fiery temper breaks out just like now when I was about to publish this. She was very insistent that I print it.

Tell your readers that all of our ministers from the very top are just a bunch of cowards.  They can all be compared to a Christmas tree!  I asked why? She said, “They all have balls but only for decoration!”

That’s my girl and I love her more than ever!]