(My dear Sis. Rebecca, as I promised, some changes were made based on your more closer observations.  Please accept my apologies for having misspelled your last name. Your FB profile simply confirms my previous thoughts – you have aged but so gracefully. Wishing to meet you again. Take care and regards to your beautiful children (definitely took after their Mom).

Time to relax and stretch out dear brethren …

Most of my contemporaries know  Ka Cipriano Sandoval.  He was one of the pioneers of the Church from the times of our beloved Ka Felix Manalo continuing to Ka Erdy. Together with Ka Ben, Ka Pilo, Ka Daniel, and the likes of Ka Bening  they molded the Church into one of the most respected organizations in the country.

Well, Ka Doval (Sandoval for short) had a son.  His name is Ka Bendito Sandoval and if I’m not mistaken he is currently the District Minister of Batangas. It was in the early 70s when I first noticed him but not too closely.  He was the boyfriend of our KMP ( Kadiwa now) President Rebecca Millari (a very beautiful lady)  He was a big help to Ka Rebecca with the many projects of the KMP. Ka Doval’s residence was just beside the chapel.  The two, Ka Bendoval (short for Bendito Sandoval) and Ka Rebecca unfortunately never came to tying the knot and separated after some time.  The last I heard is that Ka Rebecca migrated to the United States.  She actually confided  the reason for their separation … but that was a long time ago.  I was also one of the officers of KMP then.

Anyway,  I heard that Ka Bendoval had entered the ministry and became a Minister – a good one at that.  He was subsequently promoted to  District Minister.  It was then that we had a chance meeting at Central over a certain problem that needed his attention. His overall personality was you can call it a “lucky-go fella” nothing serious about him except of course when he had to preside over his subordinates.

His driver confided that Ka Bendoval was so agitated with his father that he would see to it that they would never be assigned to a worship service together in any locale.  But being the protege’ that he was, the elder Sandoval would always try to check on the younger Doval.  In one instance Ka Bendoval was already officiating the sermon when his father suddenly appeared  and sat down in one of the chairs behind him.  In the middle of the homily Ka Bendoval cut short his sermon and slowly stepped down from the tribuna straight to the prayer room.  The elder Doval shook his head and continued where his son broke off. Inside the prayer room the driver was surprised by the sudden appearance of Ka Bendoval. “Sir, tapos na agad ang pagsamba?!”, “Dumating si Tatay, uwi na tayo!” Ganoon ka alangan si Ka Bendito sa Tatay niya.  Maybe you can call it respect, fear or both.

From the horse’s mouth he also quipped that he had also been a student of the famed Ka Bening and being the son of Ka Doval was no help.  In fact the expectation was too much he said.  They all expected too much of him.

“Nakaganti rin naman ako kay Ka Bening,” he smiled, “Minsan naabutan ng curfew si Ka Bening at nahuli ko siyang umaakyat sa bakod.  Tamang-tama nasa binatana ako. Sinigawan ko siya ‘Bening! anong ginagawa mo jan! Syempre nakatago ako sa kurtina para hindi ako makita. Palingun-lingun si Ka Bening!” he chuckled.

Here’s a classic. Ka Bendoval was once engaged in a heated discussion/debate over the subject of Ka Felix Manalo as the last messenger of God.

Paulit-ulit sinasabi ng kalaban na walang makitang “Felix Manalo” sa biblia.  Sa pundi ni Ka Bendoval sinabi niyang merong mababasang Felix Manalo ang sugo sa biblia.  Natural yong mga kasamang minstro at manggagawa  ay nagulat at natulala nang binanggit ito ni Ka Bendoval.

Tinanong uli ng kalaban, “May mababasa kang ‘Felix Manalo’ ang sugo ng Diyos sa huling araw sa biblia!?”  “Oo!” sagot ni Ka Bendoval.  “Basahin mo nga”.  Ka Bendoval took the bible and read, “Palalakasin kita Felix Manalo ng kanan kamay ng aking katuwiran!”

Nagulat ang kalaban and took back the bible and read it himself and shouted back at Ka Bendoval, “Walang nakasulat na ‘Felix Manalo’ dito!”

“Akin na ang biblia, babasahin ko uli, pakinggan mo mabuti! ‘Palalakasin kita Felix Manalo ng kanan kamay ng aking katuwiran!” 

Kinuha uli ng kalaban ang biblia at tinignan uli ang talata at bago makasalita uli siya sinabi ni Ka Bendoval sabay basa sa biblia “May mata ngunit hindi makakita!…’ papaano niyo makikita wala sa inyo ang kahalalan o karapatan!

All the co-ministers and manggagawas breathed a big sigh of relief!

That is Ka Bendoval at his best!