facebookIt appears that suddenly many of our ministers are appearing on Facebook explaining the position of the Church on it’s current status and reiterating their stand on “One with EVM”  praising the Executive Minister ever to higher grounds  at the expense of demeaning everyone else who questioned the direction of the administration.

tumananWell, maybe we can cut to the chase and get straight down to business.  How about all of us requesting the FB Accounts of Bros. Jun Santos, Radel Cortez, Matt Pareja and company. This way the exchange of questions and answers will be brief and concise from both ends.  So please all of you FB Account holders and followers of this blog let’s request that they submit their FB Accounts too.jventilacion3

Oh, do we have so – so many, many interesting questions to ask all of you. The Facebook idea was genius! 


There’s an article from the Inquirer on-line site I picked up today which states:

“Now in the media’s possession is a damning document in PowerPoint that shows the alleged rot in the Sanggunian over which Eduardo presides. It is a jaw-dropping exposé about corruption in high places. Is the INC now deeply in debt? Why? How explain Ciudad de Victoria/Philippine Arena? Needed are hard evidence and spade work that should lead to a paper trail that should lead to banks, property registries and hidden places that show proof of rot.” 

the full article  http://opinion.inquirer.net/87364/tiwalag