Brother Zabala, I have known your father in Novaliches where he served as Bishop for so very long.  He was so proud of you and I admired him so much for that.  He was a very just man and deserving of the position and trust entrusted to him by our late Executive Minister ka Erdy.

And now you speak for the “Church” protecting the ills and lies you know very well to exist.  How your father would have turned in his grave if he knew how “well” you’ve grown.  I pity your soul.  Duwag ka Kapatid, I know it and you know it too.  I just hope you will have the guts to turn in a new leaf in time.

Brother Rolly Esquerra, your father was one of the stalwarts of the Church in the 60s and assigned in Cubao as the Ministrong Destinado.  He was the troubleshooter of the Church and Ka Erdy would assign him to locales where trouble could not be contained. He would confront and settle any problem needing his attention.  You know that.  One of your brother has a name engraved in a street sign honoring his bravery during the coup seize during the time of Cory Aquino if I’m not mistaken.  They all took after your father.  I can give you an anecdote about your father which would have suited a separate article:

Your father Ka Esquerra was once officiating a pagsamba in the afternoon of a Thursday in Cubao.  It just so happened that adjacent to the chapel was an ongoing construction of a Catholic school.  The carpenters were constantly banging their hammers not minding the church service going on.  I was just a young seventeen year old then attending the service.  I could hear the banging while the service was going on.

Ka Esguerra in the middle of the sermon suddenly stopped preaching, closed the bible and walked out from the side of the tribuna. The brethren was caught unaware.  Then “Bang, Bang, Bang!” Three gun fire shots and a voice booming out, Mga Pu@%#ina nyo! Hindi ba kayo titigil” Then silence a very deafening silence.  Ka Esguerra slowly walked back to the pulpit, opened the bible, and continued his sermon.  May tulog ba sa pagsamba? WALA!

That was your father Ka Rolly.  Iba siya at masasabi ko rin ibang iba ka sa kaniya – complete opposites.  Nakakalungkot.  Mabuti pa siguro naging babae ka. Mauunawaan pa kita.

Ka Bien Santiago, ang tatay mo si ka Benjamin ang tanging ministro pag naghanap ng talata sa biblia, mahaba na ang tatlong buklat kuha na ang talata.  Tahimik pero isang maginoong ministro.  Nagtuturo pa ng leksiyon sa mga guro sa lokal ng Quiapo. Kahanga hanga.  Hindi nagkamali ang Ka Erdy sa pagpili ng mga katiwala niya sa pag-aalaga sa |glesia.

I can go on and on but the one question that continues to haunt me is “Bakit naging duwag kayo lahat?  Takot kayong mamatay? Takot kayong matiwalag habang nagsisinungaling kayo sa harap ng mga kapatid at media? Your parents would easily give their lives for the Church to protect its dignity not cowering in fear of expulsion or fear of being thrown out from the graces of an unjust “Executive Minister.”

And Ka Eduardo or shall I call you Ka Eddieboy, you take the cake.  In spite of all this confusion and hysteria, you still refuse to show your face or even give a statement.  Are you in hiding together with your General auditor or have you already left the country together with your family as some suggest.

HOW PATHETIC ALL OF YOU ARE!  I do not question the Office you hold but oh DO I QUESTION YOUR PERSON, YOUR CHARACTER, YOUR RESOLVE!  Kicking your own mother into the graves of eternal hell!  And then you have the nerve to tell us that we are all your subordinates and to follow you whatever that may be on the context that you are the appointed one.  Oh come on, how naive can you get!

One thing I do know is that God timed this thing to happen during the Church’s Centennial for a reason and that reason I leave it to HIM.

Dear brethren, let us continue to support the family of the late Ka Erdy.  Let us bring food, water, and medicine for them at their homes along Tandang Sora, behind Central compound. Let us continue our vigil, let us not forsake them.  They made a stand, We should all do the same.  GOD BLESS AND PROTECT HIS CHILDREN.