What I propose will once and for all clear all doubts if we are dealing with the real McCoy or not.  So far brother (yes I’m sure you are) you have dealt with the following topics: NEWSFLASH: Updates on Abducted and Expelled Ministers, The Tyranny of Injustice, We need to pray even harder now…,They tried to bury us… They didn’t know we were seeds!, and last with the same title They tried to bury us… They didn’t know we were seeds! All starting a few hours after the original site was down.

Many have already read those articles and were initially relieved that you were still here (me included) but the problem is you sounded different.  There was also a post in your FB account which stated that we would be “masisiyahan” on your future revelations. My gut feeling – “its not him”. AE was always heartbroken and not “nasisiyahan”with all these irregularities.  And then a confirmation on your silence when a password was challenged. What more do you need.

AE in his last few articles was about to disclose further irregularities together with accompanying documents. Now I ask you my dear brother, YOU SHOW IT! You have been on air for five days now, I’m sure you have had ample time to prepare for it.  Are you able to  risk it?  Show proof from your end? Exposing church documents of irregularities. AE would do it without a thought, but you, can you do it?

I know where all this confusion you are providing  is headed for.  You merely want to create chaos within the church and the brethren to come out openly and show their dismay.  You will then have reason to identify and arrest them all.  With the new PNP Chief lobbied by us, there is no reason you will not be able to.

So all of us who are reading this, let us be patient for the meantime and avoid whatever confrontation that is “offered” to us.  We are a peaceful people, we are all brothers and sisters living under one roof, one Caretaker, one Christ, and one God.  Let us not forget that.