Audit checklist on a desk, with tick against audit satisfactory delilah samson

Submitted on 2015/06/30 at 5:11 am

Your dissertation on the Church’s activities appear to be coming from the other side of the fence. What will the ordinary member like me gain from all your complaints? Nothing! In fact, you don’t even have a solution to the alleged problem you present. On my part, it would be better for all of us if you people leave us alone. My advise is for you to search for heaven elsewhere. What is apparent to me is that we won’t attain salvation at your side.

Submitted on 2015/06/10 at 7:26 pm

Mr. Smith, your demand for transparency is justified had it been for a good cause and not to place the Church in a bad light…tell me, now that you perceived the Church to be in some kind of a problem on transparency, what do you propose? I hope the 50 years of being a member will lead others like me to the best solution.


First of all I would like to thank you for giving your time in reading my articles.  I know we may not share the same views but I continue to admire and respect your thoughts and beliefs.  Now as you requested, I will be proposing a solution which I believe will resolve the crisis which we now face within the Church. One side contends that there are irregularities on Church procedure and corruption within the Council of Advisers or more commonly known now as Sanggunian.  They have shown us through the social media pictures and documents supporting their claim.  On the other hand the Church Administration stands firm on their contention that no corruption or irregularity exist within the fold.

When you sum up all the allegations and rebuttals, it boils down to one thing – the financial state of the Church.  Are our finances still in order and in balance?  This is the only thing that has to be determined.  And how can this be accomplished?  Well, it is really a simple task.  It may take a little while but I assure you once this procedure is accomplished,  this crisis of ours will be over.  It is a remedial procedure continuously exercised by private and public organizations to determine and identify financial stability. Explaining it in the briefest manner possible – an “external” Audit.

In every locale there is a ledger or journal that reflects the ins and out of every offering held in that particular locale.  So a locale knows if it still has funds or not.  It knows the collection consummated every worship service.  The same is true for every locale in the world.  Now each locale would select two to three active brethren who are certified public accountants to be their representatives.   They would review our books and compare it with those  of the Central finance department.  The records  should balance.

After this stage the locale representatives among themselves  select their own Audit Team to review the records against the actual cash existing on a national level.  Every aspect in accounting is conducted religiously in accordance with long established accounting procedure.  It should be an independent body not headed by a minister but selected within the group among themselves.  This process before implementation should first be approved by the Executive Minister to ensure legality within the Church.  The official findings of the audit should then be submitted to the Executive Minister and classified copies to the Minister and Pamunuan of every locale.

Once this is accomplished and appropriate action implemented the issue I presume is expected to settle down.