momBeloved Brother,

This is just one of the many letters I’m sure you have been receiving regarding your leadership with the Church.  So many issues have been raised against your administration though not directly at you but to your Council of Advisers – strongly protesting in particular the functions of your General Auditor.  You have designated him as your sole counterpart in every aspect of Church functions, the first time in our history. The Last Messenger and your immediate Predecessor not dared to do this probably anticipating the dire results it could cause upon the Church.   There were instances I admit when trusted ministers and allies of your father had attempted to abuse that authority.  I can give you one name – my contemporaries know him quite well. There was even one instance during the sermon of your father that he jokingly quipped, “Alam niyo, itong si Ka pilo (referring to Teofilo Ramos), minsan nag-aalala ako at ma-ipagbili ang iglesia …” Ka Ramos was sitting there behind him at the time.

teofilo ramos2During his prime, Ka Pilo was the top debater of the Church.  I’ve personally witnessed how he would crush our opponents left and right.  Debates were very frequent during the sixties and early seventies.  He was also entrusted to handle sensitive issues outside the Church.  As such being human as you and I, there were questions of hand-offs by big companies against him.  But your father was different.  He showed compassion and love.  Did he castigate Ka Ramos.  Oh, I’m sure he did – so many times.  But did Ka Pilo rebel against your father? Never.  Even when his health had started to fail him, Ka Pilo would muster the strength to literally follow your father where ever he would officiate the Church service.  Ka Pilo then could hardly walk so how would he manage to walk up to the tribuna without causing a scene?  He would be up there even before your father arrived at the chapel.  That was how much Ka Pilo loved your father. No resentment whatsoever in his heart.

The invisible rein held by your father on all of his ministers to keep them at bay was pure magic.  No true follower strayed.  In fairness, Ka Jun Santos was one of them. How many times had he been rebuked and castigated but still returned to your father’s trust. Your father led with heart and not by reason alone.  That is why when he passed away and the ministers were called to a special meeting to announce this sad event, all were caught unaware and the sobs, tears, and crying would never stop.  That is how much we loved your father and believe it or not how much we love you too.  You are his anointed son to care for the Church.

12195990_1481938672136632_6103474516711208710_nAre we disappointed?  Of course we are.  First, you do not talk to your mother.  We’d understand to an extent your personal reasons for not talking with your sisters or brothers.  But not talking or caring for your mother who could die with a heavy heart any moment now;  that is unforgiveable – to man and God.  All other issues hurled against your administration goes a far second.  If you cannot love your mother do you think even for one second that I would  believe you love and care for us the Church majority?  I don’t think so, we don’t think so …

It’s time you get your act together.

Your brother in Christ,

William Smith