funny-quotesLet us study the coherent patterns of Church movement. What we hear and see on Net TV and INCTV remains the same – from programs on faith propagation  to worldwide visitations of our locales by the Executive Office.  Testimonials from both brethren and non-brethren all praising the Church and EVM. The continuous mass baptisms throughout the country and numerous Church related activities including  Housing for the homeless, Worldwide walk for Salvation, attempts on breaking the Guinness records, and so forth.

What the public and our naive brothers and sisters perceive is the “performance” as portrayed almost perfectly by the “actors” – a “stage play” that ends when you shut off your TV sets, or when you go home after the program.  What happens behind the curtains after the performance?  This is where the dream ends and reality cuts in.

The hordes of guests who fill up the Philippine Arena as proudly shown on TV did not come on their own accord. The Officers of each locale from pamunuan, deacons, choir members, etc. had been given quotas of visitors to accompany. The locale is also required to shoulder transportation and provide food for their guests not to mention the promise of kilos of rice upon their return.  Our weekly Lingap handog does not cover these expenses (so we wonder where it goes).  The Maytungkulin especially the Pamunuan together with the Deacons and Deaconesses shoulder the bulk of the expenses. As early as now we are preparing for the September Grand Evangelical mission.  What I hear is that they are again trying to break the Guinness record on attendees for a single occasion.  Now we start to ask ourselves, why do we always have to break the Guinness record?  What are we here to prove?  You’re only the fastest till the next one faster comes along.  The Arena is the biggest so far in its classification but bet you it won’t be for long.  So why the rush for the record? The way I see it, it’s merely a game  of numbers.   Numbers to prove that we are many – to show off that we can produce the numbers at any given instance.  But why?  They say “for salvation so that all may be saved”  I’m sorry but I don’t buy it – there is no more effective machinery for evangelical missions than those done at the local level.  We all can attest to it.  So why do we conduct it at the Arena?  For public recognition and media coverage of course. Would ABS or GMA cover our missions conducted at the local level? Of course not but its another story if done at the Arena.  Again why?  For political leverage that’s why. National Elections next year means a new round of Prados, BMWs, Land Cruisers and the like.  But for me, I’m quite curious who’d get the first Ferrari or Porsche.   Our first couple would look nice on a Porsche, the Ferrari would be too conspicuous I think … or maybe they already have one.


To be continued …