30 pcs of silverIf you’ve read the latest article from AE you’ll understand how far and low anyone can go to just to make a buck. What irritates me more than ever are the blatant lies they continue to force upon the helpless brethren who are at a loss to who they can turn to now.

Imagine a Central office that no longer can account for the finances of the Church. What the hell are all of you ministers still doing there when you can’t even safeguard our offerings. Afraid to raise a voice in the comfort of your offices for fear of reprisal from just one person who wouldn’t be able to do anything if all of you so called ministers had the guts to stand up to him and say “NO” but instead chose to keep quiet and just complain in whispers.

How pathetic can you get. Mga sasardote mga pastor kung tatawagin pero saan ka, tagaputak lang sa tribuna. Yong abuloy ng Iglesia pinapayagan manakaw ng kabaro niya! What are you all waiting for? God to come down and do it for you? Well I hate to break your bubble but that’s not going to happen anytime soon. Does sheep lead the pastor or is it the other way around? So get your act together and stop whimpering! Or maybe you want us to do it for you.

Meanwhile, all of you so called council of advisers I invite you to visit and officiate the service at our locale with your horde of pompous baboons. We’ll indulge you with the most aromatic coffee from Brazil and mouth watering angus beef from the Alps.

One of the perks of having been involved with intelligence work both in the private and public sector for almost half of your life is you become familiar with household commodities that can be sprinkled on to regular food that can cause adverse reactions to anyone who intakes it. But of course who would do that except by a person pushed to his limits. Bon Appetit my friends!