To our dearest non-INC friends and followers of our articles and related blogs from other sources. The problem which we members of the Church of Christ or Iglesia ni Cristo now face is I assure you merely a test of faith. It will not be the downfall of the Church but will be the reason for its glory in the days to come. We firmly believe that the Church will endure and come out stronger than ever.

Meanwhile my friends, I ask you so kindly “Huwag kayong makisawsaw o makialam.” In short, keep out of the way. This is a “family” affair. Please do not meddle into matters not of your concern. If you wonder why then all of these domains are classified public, we have our reasons. One is – we do not condone corruption inside the Church, be it by an ordinary member or any of our ministers. We question what we perceive to be against the norm of proper behavior as taught by the scriptures.

That being said I express my gratitude to our media friends who has so far been silent and neutral on the matter. Rest assured in due time the Church will overcome this temporary hindrance. Our Father and God in heaven who condoned this test of faith will by virtue of His infinite wisdom ultimately conclude “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” and embrace once more His lost and heartbroken children; give comfort and solace to His sons and daughters exploited by the evil power that is.  And once more as He has done so many times in the past, execute justice where justice is due.

And to all who are undergoing indoctrination in the Church, by all means continue to do so because there is simply no other way to salvation. Do not be afraid to ask anything with respect to church doctrines and church procedure. For example, the basis for expulsion from the Church; the obligatory classifications on tithing and offerings, the limits on use of social media, and so forth. Be inquisitive, Be aware, Be concerned.