evm4So far not a single blog has been written questioning the divine authority of the Executive Minister as the righteous leader of the Church. All allegations of corruption and irregularity are instead hurled against the Sanggunian on the premise that the Executive Minister is continuously being misinformed of the current status of the Church and its affairs.

I beg to disagree.  He is  I believe totally aware of what is going on.  If an ordinary guy  like you and me having a CP with surfing capabilities knows what is happening inside the Church, it would be absurd to say otherwise.  What can’t be contemplated however is the reason of his continued silence.

Only three possibilities exist – (1)  Sad to say, he may be in collusion on all aspects of corruption and Church irregularities; or (2) Everything you hear in social media against the Administration is a grand hoax to discredit the Church, or (3) He is waiting for the appropriate time to do the right thing, gathering additional info to determine how many more  in the ministry may be involved and prone to corruption and irregularity.

Let us all pray that the last possibility governs the reason for the Executive Minister’s continued silence on Church corruption and irregularity.