A simple question wanting of a categorical answer – yes or no. Has the Church entered into a multi-billion loan agreement with a bank in Singapore to pay off huge deficits in payments to our suppliers particularly the Philippine Arena?

If the answer is no, I stand corrected. But if the answer is yes and justification given is that the loan is used for the advancement of the Church, I say a deafening – How dare You! When does a Caretaker have the right to dispose of anything which does not belong to him in the first place. We are the Church of CHRIST for God sake!

I’ve been trying to read all the sites relative to the  Church administration and I am truly saddened by what I  read, and hear; particularly the article by AE which came out just today.  I assure you the documents shown there are true. In fact a prime property in Roxas blvd. was immediately grabbed by a businessman when put up for sale.  I was shown these documents a few months ago by a trusted brethren looking for buyers.  In fact I even managed to have it photocopied.  This was even before the super-star status of AE.

A question, a very big question of transparency INDEED, period!