(I just noticed that the following original video from Youtube was removed due to third party complaints [whoever that may have been] but anyway here’s that missing video of Ka Bening 🙂 )


Observe  how a true servant and faithful  minister of God deliver the homily during a Church service at Laur, Nueva Ecija.  Grasp each phrase that flows out of his heart and reach the soul of each brethren in the chapel.  Watch how the holy spirit descend  and enfold His children giving them hope and strength.  The message though delivered some thirty years ago, so pertinent to our times.  Are there no Ka Benings out there anymore? Where are the likes of Ka Cipriano Sandoval, Ka Benjamin Santiago, Ka Pilo Ramos, etc.  Oh, there were so many … then.

There is an old  song in part which goes –

“Where have all the soldiers gone, long time passing, Where have all the soldiers gone, long time ago …”

Yes, they’ve all passed on leaving behind their legacy of love and hope for the Church.  The torch was passed on mostly to their sons who tried their best to carry on the trust.  But their best  sadly wasn’t good enough.  The role of a minister differs from other professions in the sense that to be a servant of God, He has to be with you.  When you preach with God, we all feel it.  A minister without God, no matter what, will just be voice speaking out in the empty wilderness.

I met Ka Bening some forty years ago when my wife and I decided to choose him to officiate our wedding at Central (there was no Templo then).  We both proceeded to the Central Office and was told to wait at the Bulwagan.  After a few minutes, we were shown to Ka Bening’s office.  In contrast to  what I expected of the person (strict and “feared” by students and co ministers of that era), he was one of the most gentle persons I had ever met.

He shook our hands and advised us to take our seats.  “How can I help you?” he asked so kindly.  I was really taken aback with what I was witnessing.  Here is the minister who I thought would treat me as a mere subordinate.  But instead, he was just like anyone of us – brothers in Christ.  Anyway,  we asked if he would be available to officiate our wedding.  He asked us the date.  We said. “Whenever you’re available sir.” “That’s an answer I appreciate.” he answered happily.  So he set the date and asked us if the day chosen would not be a problem?  But before we could answer, the front door to his office suddenly opened and Ka Erdy suddenly stood there.

All of us out of instinct stood up.  Ka Erdy was apparently not pleased with something. He said “Bening, nagkakagulo na sa Maligaya, wala yong schedule ng mga estudyante! Sino may pananagutan doon?! (There is confusion at Maligaya, the students can’t find their schedules! Who is to blame?!)”  Ka Bening without hesitation replied back “Ako po! (Me, sir!)”  Ka Erdy then said, “Ayusin mo yan. (Look into it.)” “Opo (Yes sir)”, he replied back.  Ka Erdy then left the room.  We were dumbfounded by the unfolding of events, and settled down in our chairs.

Ka Bening then said, “Actually, Ka Cipriano oversees the scheduling at  Maligaya, but why toss the blame to an elder,” he casually explained.

These are qualities of a minister who not just thinks of himself but also of his colleagues.  Who else do you think would do the same thing when scolded by no less than the Executive Minister?  Are there still ministers out there who would sacrifice himself for his colleagues, sacrifice himself for the Church?