Who hasn’t seen the movie Age of Ultron yet?  I’ve watched it three times – once alone, then with my wife, and again with my only brother.  That’s one of the perks we seniors have over our counterpart children who think they know better than us  (oops, going into a sensitive territory here.  Sorry about that … kids.) Well, anyway where was I.  Oh yes, we seniors can watch all the blockbusters we want because its free.  The only problem is learning to ignore the snoring going on beside you of your fellow seniors who go to the movies only to sleep there! Well I’m not like that.  I’ve maintained a healthy life style so i can enjoy  being a “senior”.  Well, in that movie there’s a portion where Thor tells Ultron and the Maximoff twins that all they want is to keep the peace. Ultron replies, “I think you’re confusing peace with quiet.”

In the same manner you can’t confuse “truth” with “innocence or guilt”.  Before we chose to become a member we asked ourselves “can this be the true religion?” A simple question but before we managed to say “yes” we had to clear all the controversies running in our heads – discussing matters with friends, pastors, priests,  reviewing books, surfing the net, etc. And finally, the most important of all, we had to ask OURSELVES – “What do you believe?” Well, what do YOU believe?  Are the controversies affecting the Church true or not? Are the allegations made true or not. It’s simply a matter of choice – a freedom of choice – Believe it or not.