So many posts have been made.  So many arguments given.  I for one have my own beliefs and inclinations but I will refrain from expressing these because simply, they are only my own.  However, I will express what I firmly consider to be based on doctrines that I have been taught since the day I was baptized into the fold some fifty years ago.

  1. The church hierarchy is not a choice, it is destiny, the will of God. The bloodline from the last messenger to the incumbent is a choice we cannot question.  Here lies our deepest respect for the last messenger’s family and his immediate descendants.  The choice God made for this bloodline lies the salvation of each and everyone of us.  The “royal” blood does not stop at any one family, it flows continuously through its direct descendants.  Ours is a love for the last messenger and to his family which continuously remind us of how the true church began from its humble beginnings.  To deter us from expressing this love  runs against the very teachings of Christ to care for one another, much more for the family of the last messenger of God.
  1. True expulsion from the Church means you will die an eternity of pain in hell. It is no small matter.  That is why the final signatory is always the Executive Minister (TP).  It is capital punishment.  It is final judgment.  Here, due process is of utmost importance – there should be no doubt even an inkling of doubt before expulsion is implemented.  It is not a tool to intimidate or harass anyone – it is a process to insure the sanctity of the Church.
  1. The offerings in the Church is holy, period. There are only three classifications P-1, P-9, and P-13.  Though divided into categories,  each are summarized into one and submitted to the treasury of the Church. Thus any fund-raising beyond these boundaries for whatever purpose is purely a matter of choice by the individual to participate or not. It is not a gauge to calculate the faith of any member to the Church.  But if a fund-raising project is injected into one of the three official categories but not reflected in the official forms of the church treasury, that is pure and simple adulteration and blatant disregard of long established Church procedure .
  1. Actually there is a simple solution to any problem within the church. If there is true love, there is true faith.  If there is true faith then there is true hope.  Without love, there is no faith, no hope.  Lest we forget, the Church is not the chapel, it is not any of the huge edifices constructed by man.  The Church is us the chosen people who worship God and Christ; for what are these structures without its corresponding inhabitants.  What is the Church if no love exists within and how do we measure true love.  They say a mother will always be a son’s strongest critic. . . and  at the same time his most steadfast supporter.  How do you test true love?  A mother would give her life to her child without ever thinking twice.  God allowed His Only begotten son to be killed  on the cross because no other way existed for man to be saved.  Such was the law.  Christ endured everything including his life for the Church. So now how do you test true love? Is it life for a life as Christ did for us when he gave up his life so that we should live? In fact, it is not even that extreme.  All God and Christ asked for us was to love our brethren the same way  we love ourselves. For how can you say that you love God whom you have not seen or touched when you fail to understand and forgive your brethren who sits beside you every Thursday and Sunday worshipping the same God you do.
  1. There are only two kinds of leader – one who leads thru fear and the other thru respect. How do you differentiate the two?  No love exists for one who leads with fear.  People follow because they are afraid.  They do not question, they do not ask, they simply follow.  On the other hand a leader with respect shows compassion.  People follow because they want to.  They are not afraid because they know in their hearts that they are loved and would never be forsaken.  When turmoil and confusion exists in the people, leadership is questioned.  Leadership is absolute submission not an exemption.  You are the ultimate result of  what you preach.   To lead by example.  Leaders in governance are only worthwhile if there is a body to govern.  People will exist without a leader but a leader will not exist without its followers.