“Post Election Blues …”

“Good morning my dear Goof, let’s take a walk.” Ms. Goofy was still sound asleep in her bed but when she heard my voice, she instinctively opened her eyes and looked in my direction, jumped out and ran towards me raising her paws urging me to carry her. “Sure, baby,” I said, picked her up and kissed her forehead. Snuggled in my arms I walked to the front porch and stared at the horizon. Some stars were still visible but dawn was looming as the sky slowly started to clear. I opened the front gate and put down Ms. Goof as we walked together enjoying the early morning quiet, the scent of the greens, and a slight chill so unusual this time of month.

It was unexpected but quite imminent or rather, borrowing a phrase from the Endgame, inevitable. When money travels from one hand too many, it creates problems. Especially when money doesn’t reach its supposed destination. Or even if it does, when the expectation is not satisfied, tempers will rise. As it did. Half of the universe for these “super-heroes (or villains)” were wiped out at the snap of the fingers by the great “Thanos”.

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There will be more I’m sure in the coming weeks. Whether this was just a zarzuela or the real deal, one thing is clear, the expulsion was read and the cause was corruption in the just concluded elections. In defense of the church, some say that the King was merely doing his duty and punishing  those who violated church procedure.  But one thing is undeniable, the violation was committed by the highest elders of the church – the Sanggunian or advisers of the church led by the Executive Secretary himself Radel Cortez. So sad that the church had to reach this low.Image result for iglesia ni cristo and senatorial candidates

For those new to the INC, let me explain in my own humble way how politicians were selected by the church during the previous administration.

One thing must however be cleared. “Voting” as a bloc is not the doctrine.  The doctrine is being united in one with the Executive Head’s decision.  If the Executive would decide to forego voting as a bloc then we vote as to our wishes. There are two instances during Ka Erdy’s time that we were advised to vote according to our own conscience and another when we were advised to just go to the voting precincts to register but without actually voting. This was during the era of President Ferdinand Marcos. The unity here is not the voting process per se but the obedience to the Executive Minister’s decision.

That being said, how did we select the politicians who wished to lead our country? First and foremost to consider was the stand of the politician with respect to religion. Would he respect the rights of the INC as well as other religions without favoring one over the other? Then administration would check the platform/program of the politician. Would he be a good leader, a good example to the country? His qualifications. Would he be qualified to lead the country.

The church would also take into consideration the pulse of the nation, the majority.  We would be formed into groups all over the country and check who was favorable to the public. Random surveys would be conducted in the guise of government surveys. These surveys would then be submitted to the church administration for guidance in selecting the better candidate.

However, one very important factor still remained. The moral stand and conviction of the candidate.  During a worship service led by Ka Deniel Lapid he explained why Ferdinand Marcos was chosen over Sergio Osmena Jr. during the elections of 1969. Ka Erdy had asked Osmena just in case the church would vote for him, when would he desire that this decision be released to the public.

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Osmena requested that the decision be postponed because he feared that his catholic and non INC friends would take ill of the INC’s decision to vote for him. This apparently did not please Ka Erdy.

Marcos was asked the same question, when he would desire the decision of the church to be released. Marcos had answered, “Kahit ngayon.” Ka Erdy chose Marcos over Osmena.

Related image“Umiinit na Goof, time for breakfast, let’s go home, the sun’s starting.” I picked up Goof as she rest her tiny head on my shoulder with not a care in the world.